Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pre-order for Pashmina & Zara Shawl (Closed)


Hi gals, i am now taking pre-order for Pashmina & Zara shawls, valid till 10-Dec. You would expect to receive them before 25-Dec if everything goes smooth ya!

1.) Zara knitted shawl
Measurement: 50x200cm
Color: Black, light grey, blue, green, mustard, orange, red, deep magenta.
Price: RM29 (excluding postage)
Postage: first 2 pcs is RM6 by POS LAJU, every additional 2 pcs add RM2
2.) Pashmina Shawl
Measurement: 70cm*200cm
Material: wool
Price: RM10 (excluding postage)
Color: Refer to the photo below, code#1-35
Postage: first 2 pcs is RM6 by POS LAJU, every additional 2 pcs add RM2

Monday, November 24, 2008

Japanほんやら堂のAunt Merry Aroma Pillow & Scent Sachet [PRE-ORDER]

Japanほんやら堂のAunt Merry Scent Sachet (小香袋)
U can hang it anywhere u like, eg: closet, your car, near your bed..etc.
Material: 80% cotton , 20% polyester
Brand: Honyaradoh
Color: Pink, White
Size: 14x8x3 cmPrice: RM12 for Pink, RM16 for White
Offer: Buy each for pink and white for the scent sachet, and add RM2 will entitled for free POS EXPRESS!

Japanほんやら堂のAunt Merry Aroma Pillow :
Japan brand HONYARADOH aroma pillow in sheep design has mystical effect, the aroma not only able to repel the mosquito & insects in summer day, but also enhance and energize human physically and mentally. It does not harmful to human body as the material are in good quality and soft, even suitable for infants and would not causing any allergic reaction.
~ the environmental enhancement health, eliminates the unusual smell/stink, the decompose 2nd hand smoke and the purify the air.   
~ enhance the immune, prevents disease and reduces hypertension.   
~ enhancement physical strength and vitality, promote metabolism.   
~ improves the respiratory tract, sensitive nose and asthma.
~ Repel the mosquito & antibacterial.   
~ balance hormone, active the skin cell, prevents aging.
Material: 80% cotton , 20% polyester
Brand: Honyaradoh
Color: Pink
Size: 31x20x7cm
Price: RM30 (inclusive postage for WM), EM please add additional RM3.
Pre-order valid till 15/12/2008...hurry!!!

Hi gals, sorry for being MIA as i'm still enjoying my fantastic vacation oversea. I will take this long break and enjoy myself while hunting for more interesting goodies for you.

Hey, i am now taking pre-order for Japanほんやら堂のAunt Merry Aroma Pillow & Scent Sachet, it is so kawaii and damn adorable...haha!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Fabric Bag Lovers

These are Japan order, high quality and available in assorted colors and floral prints.


IMG_0735 IMG_0736

  ITEM#: B1103-A                           ITEM#: B1103-B

IMG_0737 IMG_0738

ITEM#: B1103-C                            ITEM#: B1103-D

Handy, although not big size but good enough to store your necessary belongings.

Each selling at RM15, measurement----length: 42cm, width: 30cm



IMG_0729 IMG_0732


Soft in color and yet it comes with the adjustable strap according to your choice. This bag is spacious and inner part comes with 2 small pocket.

Selling at RM20, measurement--- length: 34cm, width: 40cm